About PQSecure

PQSecure is a security solutions company specializing in the area of quantum-safe cryptographic solutions with a focus on low resource devices such as IoT.

PQSecure has been designing and developing production-ready cryptographic solutions and IPS to fit all types of security needs from servers and cloud computing all the way down to small IoT devices.

Leading the Quantum-Safe Revolution

We work with governments, original manufacturers and OEMs to study, test, migrate and implement quantum-safe security solutions and increase their crypto-agility for future transitions. Our cryptographic IPs focus on low power and small footprint solutions so they may be used in the smallest of connected devices.

Our product line is always growing and expanding to fit the needs of


NIST Announces Round 3 Candidates, SIKE Remains

Last week NIST announced the next round of its post quantum standardization process reducing the 26 Round 2 candidates to 15. As PQSecure is part of the SIKE team, we […]

WP Release 2/12/2020

Post-Quantum cryptography refers to cryptographic algorithms that are secure both classically and against attacks using quantum computers, when they arrive. Governments and high-tech companies are spending large sums of money […]


PQSecure Technologies joins Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C). Advances in quantum applications are emerging at an accelerating pace and around the world—promising the ability to solve problems beyond the reach of current […]