Release: July 27, 2020

NIST Announces Round 3 Candidates, SIKE Remains.

“On July 22, 2020, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) finally announced the longawaited Round 3 finalists for their post-quantum standardization process. Of the 69 algorithms that survived initial scrutiny and made it into the start of Round 1 back in 2017, Round 2 saw this field cut to 26 candidates and now Round 3 has cut this down to 15. These 15 are further broken down into what NIST refers to as “finalists” and “alternates”, where the alternates could be standardized during a Round 4. Round 3 is expected to last approximately 12-18 months. In addition …”

Release: February 12, 2020

PQSecure’s discussion on the the NIST post-quantum standardization process, candidates, hybrid schemes and more.

“Post-Quantum cryptography refers to cryptographic algorithms that are secure both classically and against attacks using quantum computers, when they arrive. Governments and high-tech companies are spending large sums of money building these quantum computers with some success from companies like Google, IBM, and others. The large-scale quantum computers needed to break internet encryption are not available today, but that day is fast approaching. …”

Release: February 1, 2020

PQSecure Technologies joins Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C).

Advances in quantum applications are emerging at an accelerating pace and around the world—promising the ability to solve problems beyond the reach of current computers, ultra-sensitive measurements, and provably secure communications. The U.S. National Quantum Initiative Act passed in December 2018 not only calls for agencies to fund research, it also envisioned a consortium of businesses and other stakeholders to ensure the NQI coordinates and collaborates with the private sector.

The Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), which aims to enable and grow the U.S. quantum industry and associated supply chain, has over 100 participants, including PQSecure Technologies.  QED-C brings industry together to identify high impact applications and gaps in the enabling technologies, standards, and “quantum ready” workforce needed to realize those applications.  QED-C also provides an industry voice to the government agencies that have a role in advancing quantum information science and technology. PQSecure Technologies is excited to be part of QED-C and part of the future quantum economy. Quantum computers will also be able to break the security of current internet and connected online infrastructures. Quantum-safe solutions will be required to make our connections secure now and at the age of quantum computers. Please talk to us as we have quantum-safe solutions for your applications.