PQSecure is a security solutions company specializing in the area of quantum-safe cryptographic solutions with a focus on low resource devices such as IoT.

PQSecure has been designing and developing production-ready cryptographic solutions and IPS to fit all types of security needs from servers and cloud computing all the way down to small IoT devices.

Leading the Quantum-Safe Revolution

We work with governments, original manufacturers and OEMs to study, test, migrate and implement quantum-safe security solutions and increase their crypto-agility for future transitions. Our cryptographic IPs focus on low power and small footprint solutions so they may be used in the smallest of connected devices.

Our product line is always growing and expanding to fit the needs of our customers and partners as the technology domain is emerging.

Government Standardized Solutions

PQSecure offers government standardized solutions so you can be assured of your security. All of PQSecure’s classical cryptographic solutions are already standardized by the U.S. government. Standardization of post-quantum solutions is ready and recommended by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

PQSecure proudly developed IPs for all winners as well as final rounds of PQC competition by NIST. 

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How does PQSecure help?

PQSecure can help during any steps in the transition process. As experts in the cryptographic (classical and post-quantum), quantum-computing, security, and wireless communication fields, we understand the needs of companies looking to adopt and transition.

  • PQSecure works with companies to assess their needs, risks, and vulnerabilities to offer them individual assessments and transition plans
  • PQSecure attends, speaks, and participates in conferences and panels related to quantum-safe cryptographic solutions, sharing our knowledge and staying informed. 
  • PQSecure designs, builds, and tests quantum-safe cryptographic solutions so companies have options when it comes to security their devices.
  • PQSecure also develops classical cryptographic solutions for companies interested in a hybrid system or not quite ready for the quantum-transition. 
  • PQSecure researches the effects of quantum computers and the quantum resource estimates required for a quantum computer to threaten our currently deployed cryptographic solutions.

Meet the Team