PQSecure™ Technologies, LLC is a leading provider of cryptographic software solutions. We offer an array of symmetric, public key, classical, and post-quantum cryptographic solutions, which we offer independently or packaged as complete cryptographic solution like Suite-Q™ SW. PQSecure’s software IP solutions offer various levels of recommended security, size, and performance configurability in numerous markets and applications.

The term software solution is typically referencing software code that is compiled in any software language and is portable to any device that runs on that language. This option is typically cheaper, and as we stated, portable. Additionally, as it is just software code, this can be changed and updated whenever needed with little effort.

PQSecure typically implements its IP in C and assembly languages as these are not only extremely common, but also offer minimal overhead, allowing for the code to be as efficient as possible. As assembly is low-level programming language, this is the most efficient option. C programming language is a bit more user friendly and easier to follow while still offering a quality solution. At PQSecure we develop and implement ready-to-deploy software solutions for both C and assembly implementations, depending on the customers’ requests.


The choices for digital security are always a choice between hardware solutions, software solutions, or some combination. Here we outline a few of the major benefits of software solutions.

  • Inexpensive – software solutions require no extra hardware, just download, and install.
  • Portable – the same software code can be used on a wide array of devices.
  • Upgradable – software can be upgraded, patched, or reconfigured remotely, and at any time.


There are benefits and drawbacks to both hardware and software solutions. For more information on hardware solutions, see our hardware solutions page. Therefore, some architectures incorporate a little of both. The main drawbacks of software solutions are that they are slower and easier to attack/introduce errors into the code.

Hardware solutions can be expensive, but if you can dissipate this cost over thousands of products it can become negligible. However, when you only have a few or a single system to secure software may be a better choice. Additionally, if you are not sure what system to use or not sure if you plan to continue with that specific algorithm long-term, software offers an easy way to replace the system very easily.

These settings are true both for large and small manufacturers, especially on small batch items. This is why PQSecure is happy to offer software solutions to our customers. We are also always happy to talk with customers and discuss their needs and offer our suggestions or what system is best for them.


PQSecure team has wide experience in aspects of secure protocol design, research and development, cryptographic engineering, training, as well as post-quantum cryptography.  Our expertise and skill set will help customers to meet and exceed their goals a timely and cost-effective manner. The cryptographic engineering and security is a cutting edge area and gets updates as technology progresses. Our highly qualified team with extensive mathematics and engineering background with cross affiliations with academia are highly up-to-date to address the customers’ to date needs.