PQSecure Contributes towards the Standardization of Security of Tomorrow’s Data, Today with Quantum-Resistant Cryptography

NIST Announced Post-Quantum Cryptography Algorithms to be Standardized

Boca Raton, FL, July 08, 2022 – PQSecure Technologies, LLC today announced that its quantum-resistant cryptographic solutions for key sharing and authentication were approved by NIST for standardization. 

The NIST announcements affirm PQSecure’s implemented, benchmarked, and market-ready implementations of quantum-resistant cryptography.  Companies seeking to embed quantum-resistance into their products and platforms can look today at PQSecure’s portfolio of implementation-ready intellectual properties to be deployed in security protocols such as TLS, IPsec, IKE, and V2X applications. 

“PQSecure continues to successfully anticipate and implement the strongest cryptographic primitives under consideration by NIST. We are ready today to provide hybrids of classical and quantum resistance to networks and connected devices; especially those with size, weight, and power (SWaP) sensitivity” notes Dr. Reza Azarderakhsh, CEO and Founder at PQSecure. “We believe PQSecure provides a foundational cryptographic solutions today to the emerging internet of things (IoT) including the rapidly accelerating 5G infrastructure connecting those things.  

We are deeply committed to supporting our government and commercial customers in securing the world’s digital infrastructure from next generation security threats.  PQSecure is actively involved with the deployment and integration of post-quantum cryptography for DARPA’s CHARIOT program. “Our QSAFE solution is based on the NIST recommended algorithms for standardization and has already started ahead of time to shape the security of data-in-transit for the quantum era and decades to come.” “Deployment of post-quantum SWaP-constrained devices with full integration to use cases is one of our unique expertise,” added Dr. Reza Azarderakhsh. 

PQSecure offers standalone post-quantum IP cores for various performance and security levels as well as acceleration for Root of Trust Solutions and Protocol Stacks. With our broad classical and post-quantum silicon-proven, certification-ready, and best-in-class solutions, we are available to provide security for tomorrow’s data today. 

About PQSecure Technologies

PQSecure Technologies, LLC is a leading provider of quantum-safe cryptographic solutions including symmetric and asymmetric algorithms for embedded devices. PQSecure’s hardware and software IP solutions offer various levels of recommended security, size, and performance configurability in numerous markets and applications. PQSecure’s post-quantum public key crypto processors enable designers to offload all asymmetric cryptographic operations to hardware and provide support for efficient execution of various algorithms. The PQSecure team has wide experience in aspects of secure protocol design, training, research, development, and cryptographic engineering on post-quantum cryptography. Find out more at www.pqsecurity.com

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