NIST Published FIPS Standards for PQC CRYSTALS-Kyber, CRYSTALS-Dilithium, and SPHINCS

August 24, 2023 – BOCA RATON, FL: PQSecure has successfully developed highly efficient hardware and software IPs for NIST recommended PQC algorithms under FIPS: 

  • FIPS-203: Module-Lattice-based Key-Encapsulation Mechanism Standard (CRYSTALS-Kyber)
  • FIPS-204: Module-Lattice-Based Digital Signature Standard (CRYSTALS-Dilithium) 
  • FIPS 205: Stateless Hash-Based Digital Signature Standard (SPHINCS+)

These algorithms are all considered to be secure against attack by a quantum computer, and they are expected to be interoperable with existing communications protocols and networks. PQSecure is a quantum-safe security solutions company that specializes in the area of quantum-safe cryptographic solutions with a focus on low resource devices. PQSecure has already developed hardware and software IPs for all these three algorithms for all three security and performance levels. For instance, PQSecure™-CRYSTALS is a set of hardware IP cores designed for various target applications of digital signatures and key encapsulation based on Dilithium and Kyber algorithms. PQSecure™-CRYSTALS supports parameters for all three FIPS recommended security levels with countermeasures (optional) against various side-channel and known fault attacks. PQSecure™-CRYSTALS has several variations that operate at different levels of performance and security levels. The lowest area (tiny) design is PQSecure™-CRYSTALS-1000T, the compact design is designated PQSecure™-CRYSTALS-1000C, the balanced-performance design is PQSecure™-CRYSTALS-1000B, and the highest-performance design is PQSecure™-CRYSTALS-1000H. 

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